Outline of responsibilities

I declare that:

  • all information provided in this application is true and correct; and
  • I have read and understood the outline of responsibilities below.

What we are responsible for

The Government of South Australia takes reasonable steps to protect the personal information that it holds against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure and against other misuse of data. These steps include storing electronic files in secure facilities, encryption of data, conducting regular backups of data, using audit and logging mechanisms and having physical access restrictions in place.

The Government of South Australia uses the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform for the operation and management of its electronic form lodgement system. This means that any information that you include in this form will be transmitted through Microsoft Azure servers and systems.

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet is responsible for, where it is within the department’s control, ensuring the security of:

  • information while it is being collected by, stored on or passing through the department’s systems; and
  • the links from the department's systems to systems under the control of other state government agencies.

Your information can only be accessed by state government officers who are allowed to access this information. All access by department officers to your information is checked by the department and officers are trained on a regular basis about their privacy and security obligations.

If you suspend or save your application, for example, because you wish to complete it at another time, the information that you have entered will be retained in our systems for a maximum of 28 days. After this time, the information will be deleted. Online applications that have been suspended or saved will not be processed unless you complete the application and submit it.

What we are not responsible for

The Government of South Australia is not responsible for any loss that could arise as a result of anything that is outside of its control.